Hypnobirthing Course Content

Natal Hypnotherapy™ is split into two:

  • Natural Pain Relief – Hypnosis for Birth
  • Practical Birth Preparation


NATURAL PAIN RELIEF – Hypnosis for birth

‘Natural Pain Relief – Hypnosis for birth’ focuses very much on your mental preparation for birth, an area often missing on other courses. Natal Hypnotherapy™ helps you address and overcome any fears, teaches you how to relax and use your breathing effectively and helps you understand why and how these things are so important.

This workshop focuses exclusively on natural pain management tools and techniques – namely breathing, relaxation and self hypnosis.

Couples will learn:

1. How fear or anxiety can have a negative impact on your body during the birth.
2. How to quickly and easily reduce adrenaline associated with fear and anxiety in labour.
3. Natural ways to work with your body to reduce pain in child birth.
4. Self-hypnosis skills to overcome fear and increase their confidence and trust in their ability to give birth.
5. Effective breathing and deep relaxation technique.
6. Rapid trigger techniques to enter deep relaxation.
7. Adrenaline release technique.
8. Ways the birth partner can help the woman achieve a deeply relaxed state before and during labour.


‘Practical Birth Preparation’ teaches you and your birth partner simple, effective and practical tools and techniques to stay calm, relaxed and confident as well as helping you understand the physical and emotional map of birth. The emotional map is one which very few other courses touch on and yet for hundreds of couples who have done this course, they feel that this was one of the most important things they learnt.

Practical exercises throughout the day to help you prepare both physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth.

You will:

1. Be taken step by step through the birthing process from a physical as well as emotional perspective.
2. Understand how the body works best during labour and what they can do to help it.
3. Gain a clear understanding of the power of hormones and how you can work with them.
4. Key signs to indicate that the mother may be experiencing a rise in adrenaline and what the partner can do to reduce this.
5. Gain a clearer perspective on why fear has become such a major player in birth today.
6. Unravel the myths behind the beliefs which lead to so much fear.
7. Learn practical tools and techniques to help her work with her body in the most effective way.
8. Understand the use and power of massage, water and other comfort measures in labour.
9. Explore the most effective ways to work with the medical team supporting them.
10. A special session for birth partners helping them prepare with appropriate questions for the medical team and plan the best support and comfort measures for the mother.