Specialising in Natal Hypnotherapy™ (the UK’s No.1 hypnobirthing method), our aim at Beau Baby is to provide you with the tools and techniques for a relaxing, calm empowered and positive birth experience.
This award winning hypnobirthing approach will help you:
– overcome fear
– reduce pain
– feel more confident
– feel more prepared
– learn life long stress management skills
Hypnobirthing ultimately focuses on learning a combination of techniques – deep relaxation, self hypnosis, breathing, visualisation and pain management. In turn this will help overcome any fears, create a state of calm and relaxation and help you increase self confidence, belief and trust in your ability to give birth.
Developed by clinical hypnotherapist and mother to 5 home birthed boys, Maggie Howell. Natal Hypnotherapy™ is recommended by 97% of women who have tried it and is endorsed by celebrities across the country including James Cracknell, Nell McAndrew and Greg Rutherford.
Natal Hypnotherapy™ works with the current UK Maternity system and is recognised across NHS trusts in England, of which the training for the Natal Hypnotherapy™ workshops has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.
No matter what birth you are planning, a hypnobirthing course with Beau Baby will give you the confidence and ability to work with your body throughout each stage of labour.