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Hypnobirthing Lancashire Antenatal Workshops specialising
in Natal Hypnotherapy™, Pregnancy Relaxation & Postnatal Doula Service in Lytham St. Annes

Here at Beau Baby our passion is to support women and their birthing partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Whether it be attending weekly pregnancy relaxation, embarking on a hypnobirthing course or requiring support postnatally, Beau Baby has all your needs covered and your best interests at heart.

As a mother with an already 2 year old the thought of having to 'call on someone' to support me with my newborn was not even on my radar. My husband works away, and due to the demands of an unsettled baby (which later we found out had tongue tie- thanks to Rebecca's suggestion of getting him checked out) life with 2 was harder than expected. Rebecca gave me unbelievable confidence, strategies, as well as support with my older son. Just to have an hours break here & there for her to take my newborn out for a walk whilst I could either rest, get on top of house work or spend time with my older son was a God send.For anyone debating whether or not to get support for fear of being judged/misread (like I was) don't - it is the best investment I ever made, giving me quality time for my newborn, my older son and myself. Rebecca really was a life saver when I needed someone most. I would recommend her to ANYONE!


The support we received from Rebecca once we came home with our precious newborn was beyond all expectations. I was struggling with breastfeeding and Rebecca helped in more ways than one. Her professionalism, knowledge and support was exemplary and it was a welcome relief knowing I could call on her at any time. We would highly recommend Rebecca and Beau Baby for anything to do with pregnancy, birth or once you are at home with your baby- there really is no other person locally you can call on in your hour of need.

Sarah & James

Thank you for the experience of what I have to call 'baby sleep' I have taken a lot from the Wednesday night sessions and also getting to meet some lovely ladies along the way too. I hope to use 3,2,1 relax in all aspects of life but it has really helped in helping me relax throughout this pregnancy. We can't wait to meet our baby now & I feel the Wednesday sessions have helped me complete my journey to motherhood.


Highly recommend the pregnancy relaxation sessions! Rebecca is amazing!


Very much enjoyed my first session at Pregnancy relaxation, I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you Rebecca for such a lovely warm welcome to the group.


Thank You for all the pregnancy relaxation classes which have made such a difference to sleeping, blood pressure and overall relaxed mind!


This is the best experience for expectant mummies. Without Rebecca's help and guidance whilst undertaking the hypno birthing course the birth of my little girl could have been very different. On the 5th September 2015 my gorgeous little girl Lilly Jessica was born weighing just under 6lbs 2oz. Unfortunately the birth wasn't the calm, tranquil water birth that I had planned whilst undertaking the course and after 2 life threatening complications Lilly was born at 11.09pm through an emergency Caesarean. Although things didn't go to plan, without doing this course my partner and I wouldn't have known to trust our instincts when I could feel that something was wrong with my body and persuade the midwife's at the hospital that there was something terribly wrong. In addition to this without this course we wouldn't have remained as calm and as relaxed as possible throughout all the complications that occurred giving us the best possible birthing experience we could have had considering the circumstances. Thank you Beau Baby!

Emily & Matt

Just to say a big 'Thank You' for everything you've taught us both on our Natal Hypnotherapy course! Also a big Thank You for all the pregnancy relaxation classes which have made such a difference to sleeping, blood pressure and overall relaxed mind! No matter what our birth journey now, we are both so excited about the birth and feel very well prepared! Thank you

Jenna & Gary

I have never been so excited to write a review before :-))))I decided once pregnant that I would look in to natal hypnotherapy as I had heard and read stuff , I got recommended by a friend to contact Rebecca, not only very professional on the phone but very warming and straight away felt comfortable with her , the classes on a Wednesday which I went to from the beginning of beau baby gave me the tools to relax myself at any given time and also gave me the chance to meet other mummies to be over tea and cake always a bonus .Myself and my husband did the 2 day session and we both walked away feeling so much better about the labour and I was so excited for the day to come , we had our fears and concerns from personal family experiences and Rebecca really helped us deal with them and I can honestly say my labour was amazing . Baby Daisy was born on Saturday 21st November naturally and a very calm content baby and still is ,everyone does comment and I have to tell everyone it is because of the natel hypnotherapyRebecca thank you so much for helping us through my pregnancy and giving us these tools ..... I will be back for baby number 2 :-)))I would love you to do a post natel monthly session for all us new mums to regroup but also have some of our own time again :-)))Lots of love Michelle Johnny and Daisy xxx

Michelle & Johnny

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